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  1. Sara says:

    Jen, These are amazing!! Thank you so much for all the time you took with us. Benny said he had fun taking pictures and he talked about how nice you are. Excited to see the rest. Thank you! Sara

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Natalie is One!

DSC_9309DSC_9269 DSC_9271DSC_9244c DSC_9395cDSC_9480ccDSC_9164cDSC_9211DSC_9526cDSC_9584cDSC_9519DSC_9647DSC_9642DSC_9706DSC_9635

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The “L” Family

DSC_8589DSC_8466c DSC_8617DSC_8631DSC_8921c DSC_8896c DSC_8935 DSC_8692DSC_8789cDSC_8724DSC_8826cDSC_8848DSC_8758

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Crew’s “Extreme” 4th Birthday Celebration!

DSC_8311 DSC_8125 DSC_8128 DSC_8087DSC_8089DSC_8101 DSC_8140 DSC_8081 DSC_8075 DSC_8074DSC_8145 DSC_8144 DSC_8153DSC_8399DSC_8178 DSC_8185 DSC_8187 DSC_8172 DSC_8220 DSC_8156 DSC_8211 DSC_8263 DSC_8280 DSC_8210 DSC_8339 DSC_8392 DSC_8397

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The “H” and “C” Families

DSC_7596 DSC_7602 DSC_7650cc DSC_7654c DSC_7505DSC_7468 DSC_7447 DSC_7481DSC_7563ccDSC_7453DSC_7734DSC_7806DSC_7999DSC_7997cDSC_7581DSC_7551DSC_7546DSC_7532DSC_7670cDSC_7828DSC_7956DSC_7786DSC_7797DSC_8027DSC_8034

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Sophie is 6 months

DSC_7045 DSC_7016 DSC_6930cDSC_6974DSC_7091cDSC_7124c DSC_7117DSC_6875DSC_6887DSC_7238DSC_7239DSC_7364cDSC_7400

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Scarlet is One!

DSC_6279DSC_6206 DSC_6258c DSC_6232 DSC_6225 DSC_6177 DSC_6130cDSC_6128cDSC_6699c DSC_6663cDSC_6659cDSC_6313 DSC_6324 DSC_6355 DSC_6411 DSC_6738 DSC_6826DSC_6802

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DSC_5800 DSC_5822 DSC_5776DSC_5743cdDSC_5767 DSC_5939DSC_5909DSC_5865 DSC_5888 DSC_6100 DSC_6066DSC_6016


  1. Maria says:

    Can’t wait to see the rest! Jen, you always amaze me with your patience and talent to capture such special moments

  2. Elena Alexander says:

    Jen all that I have seen are amazing beautiful work so real

  3. Kathy S says:

    Every single picture is just so good! What a beautiful family. Captured so well. Way to go, Jen! Love these!

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Grand Cayman Islands

DSC_5629DSC_4120DSC_4732DSC_4713DSC_4697DSC_4691 DSC_4754 DSC_4775 DSC_4767 DSC_4676 DSC_4798DSC_4778 DSC_4689c DSC_4851DSC_4829

Camana Bay Market


Smith’s Cove

DSC_4323 DSC_4277DSC_4295 DSC_4291 DSC_4312 DSC_4320 DSC_4266


DSC_4380 DSC_4381

Crescent Point

DSC_5097 DSC_4063 DSC_4089 DSC_4111cDSC_4079cDSC_4623

Cayman Turtle Farm

DSC_5232 DSC_5145 DSC_5159 DSC_5155 DSC_5146 DSC_5174 DSC_5206 DSC_5244 DSC_5249

Starfish Point

DSC_4914 DSC_4927DSC_4891 DSC_4880 DSC_4877 DSC_4943 DSC_4972

Rum Point


Seven Mile Beach


Bayside Watersports Fishing Charter and Stingray City


Seven Mile Beach



  1. Barbara Henderson says:

    LOVE LOVE LOVE the photos! So much fun!

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