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The following photos were taken by another photographer in Cancun and just touched up a bit by me!


  1. Kathy Snyder says:

    So beautiful!!

  2. Alisha Thomson says:

    Congratulations Gretchen you look just STUNNING! Beautiful wedding and photos!

  3. Angie Ward says:

    Amazing pictures, Jen, as usual! Gretchen — You are a gorgeous bride! Congratulations! XO ~Angie

  4. Kristin Myers says:

    The photo’s are amazing & you look ABSOLUTELY gorgeous!
    Congratulations to you both!

  5. Grethe Poulsen says:

    Wonderful pics. Happyness for you Gretchen

  6. Theressa Bingham says:

    Congrats to the beautiful couple, Gretchen beautiful as always and Terrell cleaned up pretty good too!! Jen great work as always!!

  7. Andrea Andino says:

    Congrats to you both!! So happy for you and you both look awesome! Jen…beautiful job on the pictures!!

  8. Kelli Hall says:

    Wow!!! Sooo Beautiful

  9. Dianne Schow says:

    Boo-hoo. I so wish we could have been there to share the day. Beautiful pictures to preserve the memories.

  10. Andrea Murray says:

    Wow… Jen you’re amazing! and Gretchen, you’re beautiful!! How fun to get to go to Mexico:) So good to see your parents, missed seein Em:(

  11. Peachy says:

    Stunning! WOW. Congrats and all that comes with it. You are SOOOOO blessed to have a sister with such a gift and such great genes! YEAH for all of you!!! 🙂

  12. Kelli Bates says:

    I am so jealous, Jen you do an amazing job on your pictures.The one of my grandmother sleeping I about died laughing, Terrel and Gretchen you are truley a stunning couple. Gretchen you are so beautiful and of course Terrel you are so hansome.I so wish I could have made the trip

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My little sister is getting married . . . Congratulations to Terrel and Gretchen


  1. LLinda says:

    So beautiful and so creative. I loved them. Jen you are amazing

  2. Trisha nickel says:

    I love them so much. Love you both.

  3. Mom says:

    You look so pretty – you can’t be my child! You’re lucky to have Jen as a photographer because she does awesome work!

  4. Tallan says:

    Cute couple! They both look great and, as always, your photos rock Jen! Love tal

  5. Dianne Schow says:

    Jen is a great photographer with fantastic ideas, but will such a cute couple – how could you go wrong? Wonderful pictures Jen and congratulations Gretchen and Terrel. xoxo

  6. Jess stoker says:

    Love these Jen!!! Gretchen looks so gorgeous!!

  7. Mindy Vail says:

    love your photography! Congrats to Terrell & Gretchen. I am sure these pictures will make Grandma Edith smile Terrell. 😀

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Spencer and Jessica are officially hitched!!


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