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Hayden and Family [mini session]


  1. NIckole says:

    The couch looks awesome right there! Love em

  2. madison says:

    Hey you guys are so dang cute what a blessing love and miss you guys!!!

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  1. Cindi Bennett says:

    You captured Emily’s incredible “SWEET SPIRIT”. Your pictures capture more than a image, you portray a story.

    • Aunt Doris says:

      Emily: Your radiance shows in every expression. Remembering the day you were born, we felt God’s presence with you, and it shows!.

  2. NIckole says:

    Emily.. you have the best smile…Love the couch shot!

    • Faith Phillips says:

      Emmy, what a brautiful young lady you have become! 1st pict is classic you, but love the one in the window, its as tho you are looking to your future. Love

  3. Pam says:

    Wonderful pictures and it helps when the subject is beautiful!

  4. Rachel Bennett says:

    WOW M!!! I hardly recognized you! Jen did a GREAT job capturing your natural beauty! AMAZING!! 🙂 Great outfits, too. Especially the one with the grey boots (and the green couch is nice, too).

  5. Joy Reimann says:

    Not only is the photographer totally talented, but she’s working with a very photogenic subject! Jen took some really creative shots….love the one where Emily is holding her Bible. Very cool. Thanks for letting me see them.

  6. Indian Steve says:

    Whoa baby! Nice pictures. Way to go Emily!

  7. Deborah Lyons says:

    Emily! Wow! You are gorgeous! 🙂

  8. Emily says:

    thank you so much everyone(:
    and thank you Jennifer! I LOVE the shots you took! Love everything about them! You are so very talented, thank you for doing my pictures(: I’d reccomnd anyone getting any kind of pictures done by you!

  9. Mary says:

    Emily! these are beautiful!! I love all of them and how your amazing eyes pop! 🙂

  10. Aunt Kathy says:

    Hey! Thanks for sharing these beautiful photos!! what a fun day you must have had… the hat pic is my most favorite!

  11. elizabeth says:

    You are a beautiful young woman!! I can’t believe you are already graduating:)

  12. Tom B (the younger) says:


  13. Rachael Gerber says:

    My beautiful sister…inside and out!
    Amazing pictures Jen, you are very talented!

  14. Richard Bennett says:

    Great, wonderful photos! Very nice. The photographer was able to capture your spirit Emily. You are beautiful and she did such a great job of showing that.

  15. Granny B. says:

    Dearest Emily, What lovely pictures and a beautiful model! I couldn’t be more pleased that you also carry on the name of Leah. That makes 3 generations of us that I personally know! And 3 of us putting the Cross up between any crisis, giving us hope in the future! I love you, Granny

  16. Doug says:

    Wow! great photos, you look so beautiful Emily. Great job Jennifer!

  17. don says:

    You are a very lovely young lady, it is an honor for me to be your brother-in-law. The photographer did a great job of capturing your beauty.

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Hudson and Family [mini session]


  1. NIckole says:

    He was to looking at the camera!! At least a few times!! Vic.. he is sooo cute!!

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The “K” Family


  1. Barb says:

    Really. I’m just a little speechless……..every year I’m just blown away~
    LOVE you. Love your vision, creativity, and having you take this journey with us for the last 6 plus years!

  2. Christina Silva says:

    Beautiful!! Just Beautiful……

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  1. Dana Grinnell says:

    You’ve outdone yourself, if that’s possible! These capture our little 1 year old’s personality to a T. Thank you! He loves you, and we are so thankful to know you.

  2. Becky King says:

    Jennifer… You are amazing! You’ve got three good subjects but your photography is out of this world. Thanks for being a part of Rowan’s 1st Bday celebration and capturing the first year of that adorable grandson of ours!
    Hugs… Grammie Bec and Doc

  3. Grandma Jean says:

    Jennifer – These photographs are just magnificient. The color is so perfect. It makes me want to walk through the leaves with my beautiful little grandson and with mommy and daddy too.

  4. NANCY RODOLPH says:

    Oh WOW! My son said “does this mean I have to move from Denver to Boise to get great photographs?” These are wonderful!

  5. Jennifer King says:

    WOW these are absolutely beautiful! I think Rowan gets cuter by the day – and I am so thankful you guys help us keep in touch by taking great photos!!!

  6. Natasha says:

    I love your locations! You do a great job!

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Jett, Boone and Luke


  1. Deb says:

    As always, the pictures are fantastic! You are so talented Jen and you always catch their little personalities! The one of Jett sitting on the stool is a “classic” Jett look and the one of Luke peeking through the fence is “classic” Luke naughtiness!!

  2. Alison Mahoney says:

    Oh my gosh, these pictures are ridiculously cute! Your boys are sooo handsome and she did capture there pursonalities! I need to get some photos done from her! xo

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The “D” Family . . . part 2

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Brock and Brooklyn


  1. Proud Momma says:

    You are absolutely amazing, thank you so much! The pictures brought tears to my eyes. Love the balloon ride and lollipops!
    Lisa :o)

  2. Ann Pietrucci says:

    These pictures are precious! They have grown up so much. Love the lollipop photos 🙂 God bless!

  3. Renee Dunn says:

    These are AMAZING photographs! I love them all! The ones of them hugging and kissing are so precious. You must be very proud parents. Thank you for sharing them, what a gift. I can’t wait to meet theses little angels in person in Dec! Much love!

  4. Richard Decater says:

    Wow! Them two are my Niece and Nephew simply delightful wonderful photography love Your site

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The “B” Family . . . Easton and Ali


  1. Shana says:

    Thank you, Jen! You are so amazing.

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Rowan’s 1st Birthday party


  1. Dana Grinnell says:


    These are awesome! Thank you so much for being a part of Rowan’s big day, and for capturing every moment just perfectly.

  2. Lisa Schaffer says:

    We have our first appointment with you this Sat! I thought I would take a peek at what you’ve done lately…Love Love Rowan’s Birthday party pictures! You do such an awesome job! Looking forward to Sat!

  3. NANCY RODOLPH says:

    Wow! What a beautiful baby and family! Happy Birthday Rowan….love Aunt, Nancy ( one of many)

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