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  1. cole says:

    Love Love Love….. These turned out so awesome!!!! Great lookin Compton Family….

  2. jen says:

    Case is adorable! What a perfect little family! Terra, McKayla is looking more and more like her mama! Beautiful! Lovely job as always Jen!

  3. Terra says:

    Jen they turned out so perfect! You are so incredible, thank you so much for giving our family these amazing memories!

  4. Jan Bastian says:

    Kathy–Thank you so much for telling me about this website. Congratulations to Brian and Terra!! What a precious little family!! McKayla has gotten so grown up! LOVE! LOVE! LOVE these perfect photos! Thank you Jen for capturing such great photos!

  5. Amy says:

    Congrats Terra!!! You’re little guy is so sweet 🙂 The whole family looks so happy and complete 🙂

  6. Betty & John says:

    What a spectacular family you are. Fantastic pictures! Anxious to see you all soon.

  7. Sharon says:

    Congratulations Compton family. Wonderful pictures. Thanks for sharing these with me, Kathy. They are just outstanding. Darling children.. MaKayla is beautiful and Case is adorable. FANTASTIC!!!!

  8. Mandy Herrmann says:

    What a beautiful family you all are, Case is precious. Jen you do such an amazing job!

  9. Kathy Snyder says:

    As I scrolled down, I wondered whose precious little boy is this?? Then I saw McKayla and I knew. She is the picture of her mom. Congrats Terra. You guys look fabulous. Jen caught you perfectly. Love these.

  10. Jessica Foreman Johns says:

    Oh my goodness, Terra, he is beautiful! I am so happy for you! Wonderful pictures, as usual, Jen. 🙂 Congratulations, Compton family!!!

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The “G” Family


  1. Dana says:


    These are awesome! I think these could be my favorite of Rowan yet… Although I say that every time:). Thank you so much! We cherish every photo you snap!!!


  2. Jamie Jo says:

    Great photos, love the little man in the last photo!

  3. Betty & John says:

    What a spectacular family you are. Fantastic pictures! Anxious to see you all soon.

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  1. Lena says:

    Jen you are amazing! The pictures are so beautiful! I am so greatful to have these memories captured by you. Thanks again for your patience and talent!

  2. nickole oneida says:

    Lena.. your family is so beautiful…. I am bummed I missed the shoot.. your parents look so proud!!! Love ya

  3. Amy says:

    Awww Lena!! Congrats on your delivery and what a precious family you have 🙂 Such a cute baby!

  4. Kathy Snyder says:

    What a darling family!! Jen once again you have captured a special moment in time. Congratulations to Lena and your beautiful boys!

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Pepper . . . and her family


  1. Debbie says:

    I love the one of you guys walking Pepper!….I miss seeing you guys walking her down the street every day….

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The “P” Family


  1. emily says:

    Debbie you guys look great! I love the picture of the boys in the wagon… sweet. My favorite family one is the first one………Ilove that big tree.

  2. Debbie says:

    Gosh….you make my boys look sooooo cute! As always….you are the best! Thanks for being so patient with 3 busy little ones!

  3. crystal says:

    my favorite family photo is the last one…. so beautiful! i love how it is the same scene as when boonie baby was in your tummy! you all look so great:)

  4. Heidal says:

    So, so cute! I love all the ones of the boys; they are all so dang cute. I love the last one also. It is beautiful and perfect and just as it should be.

  5. Kami says:

    Beautiful! The last one made me cry.

  6. Pam says:

    Great pictures as usual Jen! Like everyone else, you are an amazing photographer! Love them all! Adorable little boys!

  7. crystal says:

    it made me cry too kami… but, just as heidal said, it as it should be! i love our family!

  8. Lori Sullivan says:

    These are the most beautiful photos Debbie. You have a beautiful family-the last pic though really melts my heart-I know all too well the feeling of “as it should be” This picture was very heart felt. I would like to have my family be photographed…thank you for sharing!

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Whitney and Olivia . . . and family


  1. Dana Grinnell says:

    Oh my! So so cute. Beautiful family!!!

  2. nickole oneida says:

    I love the last picture!!!

  3. Peachy says:

    I love them all! BEAUTIFUL colors and beautiful family. WOW

  4. Jamie Jo says:

    I love them

  5. Kathy Snyder says:

    Beautiful family in a lovely setting. Great work. Darling little girls.

  6. Merrill family says:

    Your girls are getting so big and so cute. We miss you guys

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The”H” Family


  1. Barbara says:

    Amazing! We were all really excited to see the photos. I appreciate your patience with our little “fake smile” boy. Wonderful work. Thank you!!!

  2. nickole oneida says:

    Jen… looks like a fun family to shoot.. Bummed I wasn’t there to help!!

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  1. Laurie says:

    He is so cute! Amazing job as always Jen!

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The “J” Family


  1. Irma says:

    These pictures are really special. I love every one of them. There’s really some cute poses. The kids are growing up so fast. Seems like I haven’t seen them for ages. Thanks for sending them. Love you all. I hope Marty is feeling better. OXOX Granny

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The “L” Family


  1. Jill Lanfear says:

    Jen these are simply wonderful!!! I love them! Thank you! Thank you! Your choice of location is creative and works every time! I love viewing your blog and seeing what you’ve done last. Thank you a million times! Jill

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