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Madison is 6 months

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Thomas has 2 brothers on the way . . .


  1. Rowan & Milan's Mama says:

    Such sweet photos Scheffels! Sarah, you look amazing! Jen, you always bring tears to my eyes with the way you portray pregnancy.

  2. Sarah says:

    Jen – Thanks so much for your talent and care with these pictures. You did such an amazing job capturing a very special time in our lives and making me feel beautiful (not an easy task these days šŸ™‚ ). Also not an easy task – getting Thomas to look at the camera but you captured his spirit and sweetness perfectly!

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Milan . . .


  1. Erin Webb says:

    Dana she is gorgeous!!! Congrats! The photos are beautiful as always Jen.

  2. Becky King says:

    Absolutely gorgeous photos, Jen!!!!! You are a master and have a beautiful family as your subjects!!!!! Love em!

  3. Jean Grinnell says:

    Milan is so precious. Rowan is more handsome every time I see his picture. I can’t believe how he’s grown. These are really beautiful pictures of a beautiful family.

  4. Rowan & Milan's Mama says:

    Jen, these are so great! I love every single one of them. Thank you again for helping us remember these precious moments.

  5. Kathy Roeske says:

    Wow what beautiful people and pictures! Congratulations Dana and Frank.

  6. Julie Hurst says:

    What a beautiful family. Milan is adorable!

  7. Heidi Remakel says:

    Adorable family and incredible photography…many congrats and Blessings!

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  1. Erin says:

    Jen- Thank you sooo much! These are amazing! I’m so glad you were so patient with our little “LT” he definitely made you work hard.

  2. Kelsey says:

    Absolutely wonderful! Love them! What a handsome guy!

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The ā€œSā€ Family is Expecting


  1. garry says:

    NICE. You guys look great. Rio looks happy as well

  2. Jenny says:

    These are wonderful! Thanks so much. You made our freezing cold day turn beautiful! Can’t wait to have our little girl for you to also capture. You are such a talented photographer and so kind and easy to work with. Thanks, Jen!

  3. Trish says:

    Wonderful photos of beautiful people. The scenery reminds me of the TV show with a pioneer doctors. The wee (or perhaps, not so wee) one must be just about here! Crank up the cameras, there will be millions of pics from now on. Be sure to send them our way.

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