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The “M” Family


  1. Laura says:

    Oh Jen, these turned out great! Thank you again!!!

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Introducing . . . Olivia


  1. Mandy says:

    Absolutely love them Jen!
    Thank you, you never disappoint!

  2. Cathy Gabrian says:

    Beautiful pictures Jen! Whenever they have them done, I can’t wait to see them….you do a wonderful job!

  3. Nickole says:

    Cutest family ever. Love the pics Jen

  4. Terra says:

    my gosh, they are all so cute!! Good looking family. I just love love Olivia, she is so darling!!

  5. Becky Leffler says:

    Beautiful family! Wonderful pictures!

  6. Judy says:

    Great pictures of a wonderful family!!!!!

  7. Heather Vinson says:

    Mandi and Andy…such a cute little family you have now!

  8. Debra Wood says:

    So excited for Mandy and Andy! What an amazing and beautiful family!

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Kendrick . . . more to come


  1. Katy Pearce says:

    Danica- He’s gorgeous!!! Well worth the wait… So happy for you guys 😉 Jen did an amazing job, as always!

  2. Danica Croy says:

    Absolutely perfect! Thanks so much Jen. It was a pleasure spending the first half of the day with you. Love your talent. The pictures have been a hit with our family.:)

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Nathaniel and Benjamin


  1. grandma and grandpa Rowe says:

    Absolutely totally precious!!!

  2. Great Aunt & Uncle ,Susie & Mark says:

    Oh so cute, just adorable!, God’s little Blessing’s!

  3. Tara Rowe says:

    Absolutely Beautiful!

  4. Auntie Amy says:

    So cute! Can’t wait to meet them!

  5. Nathalie Simpson says:

    What a beautiful family!! The pictures are outstanding as well as the subjects!

    Nana and Papa

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Harper {8 days new}

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Giovani {7 days new}


  1. Becky says:


  2. Debra Wood says:

    I see so much has happened since I left! He’s so handsome! Congratulations!

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Reagan is One!


  1. Camille Holleran says:

    Yay!!! Love it already-can’t wait to see more!

  2. Sara says:

    Love these! Can’t believe Reagan is one already!

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The “O” Family . . . Liam is One!


  1. Liz says:

    You always do such a fabulous job! Thank you so much!

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The “G” Family


  1. Rowan's mama says:

    Oh Jen! I love them! They all turned out so amazing, even with our “active” almost 4 yr old & our sleeping infant! Thank you:)

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Jack {8 days new}


  1. Jeni Blamires says:

    We can’t thank you enough for the amazing pictures! Made those nine months all worth it 🙂

  2. Anne says:

    So very precious! What a beautiful family, photographed beautifully!

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