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Penelope . . . 6 days new

DSC_3596cDSC_3603 DSC_3535cDSC_3577 DSC_3587DSC_3666 DSC_3674DSC_3715cDSC_3629DSC_3616DSC_3681cDSC_3822DSC_3792cDSC_3880


  1. Claire says:

    I knew they’d be amazing but these are so beautiful! Thank you so much!!

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Derek and Aliya . . . 8 days new

DSC_3516ccDSC_3444DSC_3344DSC_3312DSC_3143c DSC_3167 DSC_3018cDSC_3041 DSC_3069DSC_3216 DSC_3254DSC_3086 DSC_3234DSC_3202

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Wyatt has a new baby brother Hudson

DSC_2843 DSC_2678 DSC_2633 DSC_2648 DSC_2700c DSC_2742 DSC_2783 DSC_2596 DSC_2755 DSC_2964 DSC_2900 DSC_2971

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Brody . . . 10 days new

DSC_2383 DSC_2388DSC_2427 DSC_2421DSC_2435 DSC_2455 DSC_2402 DSC_2461 DSC_2306 DSC_2334DSC_2314DSC_2547DSC_2474 DSC_2482

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Lilian . . . 6 days new

DSC_1986bDSC_1989DSC_2003bDSC_2013bDSC_2105bDSC_2110b DSC_2059bDSC_2056 DSC_2068DSC_2173bDSC_2157DSC_2224DSC_2181DSC_2143ccDSC_2241

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Baby animals mini session

DSC_0335bDSC_0316bDSC_0498cDSC_0345DSC_0235DSC_9986c DSC_1096 DSC_1240 DSC_0721DSC_0832DSC_0803cDSC_1357c DSC_1426 DSC_1414 DSC_1436 DSC_1534 DSC_1558 DSC_1592 DSC_1840DSC_1771

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