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Jaxton is One!

DSC_2558 DSC_2595 DSC_2641 DSC_2673 DSC_2755 DSC_2823 DSC_2911 DSC_2966 DSC_3004 DSC_3014c DSC_3095 DSC_3218c


  1. Whitney says:

    These are incredible! Thank you so much. We LOVE them!

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Wells is a Wild One!

DSC_7936cDSC_7960cDSC_8155DSC_7994ccDSC_2018 DSC_1993 DSC_1961 DSC_1954 DSC_1957 DSC_1950 DSC_1951 DSC_2019 DSC_2024DSC_1977 DSC_1994 DSC_1995 DSC_1999 DSC_2005 DSC_2010 DSC_2035 DSC_2044 DSC_2217 DSC_2295 DSC_2309 DSC_2123 DSC_2114 DSC_2089 DSC_2337 DSC_2346

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Eli . . . 9 days new!

DSC_1432cDSC_1453b DSC_1498DSC_1505 DSC_1576c DSC_1615 DSC_1642 DSC_1623DSC_1530DSC_1591DSC_1524DSC_1681 DSC_1775 DSC_1851DSC_1743


  1. Nora says:

    Beyond the moon and back! So beautiful

  2. Stephanie Hallstrom says:

    [email protected] – Oh Jen you do such amazing work! I just can’t get enough. Hope you had a great weekend and a happy Easter! Thanks for capturing my sweet boy and the love we feel for him!

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The “H” Family . . . more to come

DSC_0008 DSC_0002 DSC_9988 DSC_9990 DSC_0062 DSC_0150DSC_0549c DSC_0782c

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Branson . . .10 days new!


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Penny P is One!

DSC_8737 DSC_8742cDSC_8588 DSC_8609 DSC_8641 DSC_8868 DSC_8875 DSC_8923 DSC_8968c DSC_8957 DSC_8956 DSC_9190 DSC_9101 DSC_9148 DSC_9391 DSC_9496 DSC_9617DSC_9823c


  1. Claire says:

    Stooooopppp!! These are so cute!!!!

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Derek and Aliya . . . are One!

DSC_6028bDSC_6129 DSC_6223 DSC_6065c DSC_6465 DSC_6484 DSC_6438 DSC_6582 DSC_6706 DSC_6739cDSC_6805 DSC_6983 DSC_7039DSC_6866 DSC_7159 DSC_7117 DSC_7139DSC_7309

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Meridian Animal Days

DSC_5438 DSC_5455 DSC_5482 DSC_5095 DSC_5827DSC_4500c DSC_4528 DSC_5031 DSC_4801 DSC_5531 DSC_5378c DSC_4743 DSC_5394 DSC_5812 DSC_5608 DSC_5479 DSC_5068c DSC_4967 DSC_5223-1 DSC_5830DSC_4923 DSC_5118

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Sophia . . . 7 days new

DSC_2826cDSC_2860cDSC_2884 DSC_2907 DSC_2915 DSC_2985c DSC_2951 DSC_3011DSC_2972c DSC_3032 DSC_3048cDSC_3073c DSC_3181 DSC_3188 DSC_3234 DSC_3288c

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